Who is Cody?

Oh, Hey there! I’m Cody, I’m from Ontario Canada and I’m currently living in Pickering, which is just outside of Toronto.

I grew up doing typical kid things: swimming, competitive curling, playing soccer, volleyball, rugby and even tried my hand at competitive diving for a couple years (I was never any good) nowadays I’m a student with a passion for travel and adventure.

I got lucky as a kid as my parents would always take me along on trips to the Caribbean for family vacations. Over the years I’ve had multiple opportunities to travel for various reasons whether it be for a family vacation, a sports trip or a volunteer trip. Any opportunity to go out and see a part of the world I’m unfamiliar with is a good opportunity to me!

I seek adventure and excitement, summer is full of cliff jumping and water activities and winter is for snowboarding and other frozen water activities, seasons don’t limit me, they simply bring on a new set of activities that are only available during that season. I hate sitting still and doing nothing, I always want to be doing something.

The more action involved the more I want to do it.

This is a blog dedicated to my personal experiences and the stories that go along with them. Stick around you might get inspired yourself.

P.S. I’m not sure if this blog is a travel blog, an adventure blog, activity blog or what kind of blog this is… It’s sort of just a mix of everything.