Chasing Waterfalls In Australia

Chasing waterfalls is fun no matter where you are, but when its international, it’s even more fun. In my opinion, adventuring the waterfall(s) is the best part. The best ones are generally up mountains, remote and difficult to get to. The waterfalls we visited today were no exception. We ran into quite a few barriers just trying to get to the beginning of the 4km trail.

On our journey to simply get to the right trail, we came across a road closure which resulted in us going on a 30-minute detour and to top that then when we go to the trail head we walked in and found that trail entrance was closed. (Don’t ask me why they were closed, I have no idea). We were not off to a good start, but when something goes unplanned, that’s when the real adventure starts. Eventually, we managed to find another trail entry point and we were good to go on this adventure.

Getting out of the car and walking ~200m down the trail we came across this view of the waterfalls.


These are the Twins Fall and they were the reason we were out at Springbrook National Park. Getting this sneak peak was such a tease, but it definitely put a pep in my step and I quickened my pace to get as close as possible to the falls. While walking to the falls, we came across multiple little falls along the way, though they were nothing compared to what was to come. Half way through the Twin Falls circuit, we came to the base of the waterfalls.

Twin Falls was probably the best waterfall site I have ever been to, mostly because there was not one, but two waterfalls.


But like all good things, our time at the falls was over and we had to start the hike out, but this time it was uphill. Leaving the falls and having an uphill hike is just the worst of both worlds, or so we thought. On the way out, we managed to come across another waterfall called Rainbow and this one had the trail going under it!


This is looking out from under the falls against the back


After Rainbow Falls, there were no more surprise waterfalls and we really had to leave the trail for good. I wasn’t sad to leave though, it was an epic day of chasing waterfalls, on steroids.

Here is some bonus, smaller fall we came across. They were just all over the place.


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