Mud, Fun, & Spring Trail Riding

Although you may be looking outside at the trees and see no leaves or at your garden and see no plants; it is most definitely summer time. Not technically but I’m not good with technicalities… Spring and Summer are the same things in my eyes. The school year is over and I’m ready for anything summer can throw at me, and what it threw at me this weekend was amazing! This time of the year water levels are high around Ontario from the winter snow/ice melt and it makes trail riding all the more fun with the mud and high water. As long as you wear boots or lift your feet you’ll be fine! (Hopefully, unless you have a hole in your boot)

I went on two rides this weekend, both just as fun, although we did have some mechanical issues on the second ride all was good! (Melted plastic never hurt anyone anyway.)

I also got to try out my new drone and let me tell you the drone is amazing! There are so many new features, shoots 4k, super small, can fly at 60km/h and that’s all I’ve figured out so far.


In my opinion, an ATV is a perfect vehicle for adventure. Having the ability to go anywhere on or off-road is amazing, you can go through water and mud or over sand and rock, but I guess that speaks for itself in the name… All Terrain Vehicle. This summer a new (for us) ATV is being added to the list of Toys up north and it is a perfect fit. A 2017 Yamaha 700 Kodiak. A true smile maker if you ever ride it.

Driving through the backwoods of Ontario, flying through puddles of muds, driving over rough terrain just makes for a good time. The trail system we rode on never really ends, you can just take a turn and head towards a whole new trail system, the possibilities are seemingly endless. ATVing can just about put a smile on anyone’s face. I would recommend you go and try it for yourself just to see how much fun it is and make sure you drive right through the biggest puddle you can find, you won’t regret it.

This is just the beginning of what will become an epic summer.

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