Barbados 2016

Last December I got to go to Barbados for 9 days including Christmas with my family. Barbados is the easternmost country in the Caribbean and is part of the commonwealth.

Going to Barbados for a vacation I had high hopes of it being an amazing tropical destination, and those hopes were met. It had the palm trees on white sandy beaches, warm tropical water and its on island time like the rest of the Caribbean. In case you don’t know what island time is, it is essential everything and everyone is moving with a slack attitude towards the clock and stuff just gets done when it’s done. There is never a rush.

Over the course of 9 days, I got to do a lot of different things from Snorkeling with Turtles, tubing on the ocean, flyboarding (It’s pretty awesome), stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and an Island safari. The only thing I didn’t get to do that I wanted to was surfing, I’ve always wanted to surf and I finally thought this was going to be the trip where I finally get to surf but that wasn’t the case. I was staying in a hotel on the wrong side of the island and there was never a proper “surf” on this side of the island, but there was a lot of other things to keep me occupied.


There was also 2 real highlights from the trip. One was finding baby sea turtlesย and the other was getting to bring my drone on its first international trip.

Sea turtles usually wait till nighttime to come out of their nest to avoid the eyes of predators, but with humans coming closer and closer to nesting grounds it causes complications. Turtles know to follow the light of the moon to the ocean when the emerge from the nest but because human light can get confused by a sea turtle as the moon they go towards the bright manmade light; this was the case in Barbados. We ended up finding 7 turtles and bringing them back towards the water and letting them go on the sand. It was amazing to not only see the turtles but help them. The next morning we found out that 30 something turtles were found in the pool and also had to be helped.

The drone captured amazing video! You could see the rocks that we snorkeled around, the beautiful colour of the turquoise water and just pure awe at the beauty of Barbados! Below is just one of the amazing photos I was able to capture of Barbados.

Overall it was a great trip, and I would recommend Barbados to a lot of people! This was also my 8th country I have visited, just another tack in the map and a name crossed off the list containing more than 196 others.

This also happened to be my 8th country I have visited, so like every other place I visit I tack it in the map and cross the name off the list containing more than 196 others.

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    1. If you’re referring to flying to Barbados with it, I brought it in my carry on. I read somewhere that batteries of this size must be in your carry on as the cargo section of a plane isn’t pressurized the same as the cabin. I brought 3 in my carry on and had no problems. I myself have the phantom 3.

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