Polar Dip

It started off like any normal Sunday really; woke up had banana pancakes, visited my friend’s cottage, raced home to eat lunch (Sausage and Korean Ribs) and after lunch, we were just sitting around. By this time there were about 10 people inside my cottage on a record-breaking, beautiful Sunday. I don’t quite remember what I said but it was along the line of:

“Hey dad, do we have a chainsaw up here?”

The look I got from my dad was a typical one I commonly get because of my frequency of asking such random and ridiculous question. The answer I got was yes; this answer was in my favor. He asked why I was asking and I said:

“I want to do a polar dip”

A few people in the room laughed and my dad just gave me yet another look and told me I was not allowed to use the chainsaw to cut the ice. Luckily for me one of the 10 people in the room was Bruce, now if you know Bruce you never know what he could be up to or what he’s going to do next. He piped up saying he, in fact, had a chainsaw in the back of his side by side. We were officially in business.Β 

I looked over at my friend Daniel, he knew of my idea as a few days earlier I textedΒ him to bring a bathing suit; being the middle of February I expected a questioning thought but he said nothing of it. After I got confirmation of a chainsaw we could use I asked Daniel if he brought his bathing suit. He brought it. I wasn’t going to doing it alone.

The next half hour was a frenzy of preparation for the cold and icy plunge. Daniel and I got ready and changed into bathing suits, my dad and Bruce set out getting all the gear and tools ready to cut a hole in the ice large enough for a human to jump into and get out easily.

I drew the short straw and had to go first. At the time I didn’t want to but looking back now I’m glad I didn’t have to see someone else’s reaction to the frigid water. I counted down from three and took a leap of faith into the cold water.

It was like no other feeling, you could drink ten cups of coffee and not be as awake as I was at that moment, I don’t even remember what the ground felt, yet everything was tingling. I ended up dunking my head twice and yelling after each one. After I got out it was Daniels turn. I can’t speak for him but from what I saw he didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did.

As fast as the plan was made to cut the ice and jump into it the whole ordeal was over. I had finally crossed another item off the list.

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